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Get ready — the World-First ArgoSmartCam is about to drop

Years in design and testing, this camera will give select teams both unlimited underwater filming and playback. Also included is auto-upload, unlimited cloud-storage and auto-text-links to swimmer's phones … all baked into a camera that’s waterproof and so user-friendly that most of your 13+ swimmers will be both eager and able to handle the filming.

SmartCam will live at your pool 365. Parents will subscribe so that their swimmers may be filmed; paying $10 per month (100 swimmer minimum) through the Argo platform. The SmartCam tracks every subscription in real-time, filming only those swimmers whose payment is up-to-date. Alternatively, Clubs may choose to pay a flat fee of $1000 per month. Some Clubs have chosen to do a hybrid of both; billing all swimmers at $5 per month and paying any difference out of team treasury.

Constant and creative use of your new ArgoSmartCam … limited only by your imagination.

Camera availability is very tight for the next six months. We have three open slots for beta-testing and are interviewing teams now. Reach out quickly if you'd like to be considered. Tell us why you think you would be a good candidate to receive an early release camera.