This Is Argo Swim Video

Train Smarter. Swim Faster.™

This Is Argo Swim Video

Train Smarter.
Swim Faster.™

Welcome. Here’s How Our Programs Work

Argo Swim Video provides the tools that create faster swimmers and more successful coaches. Using our training system, coaches save time, improve technique, and produce results that matter. Continue reading for more details!

We Film Your Swimmers

We film your swimmers three times per year, during practice, with minimal disruption, at a rate of 20 swimmers per hour. Alternately, you may set up a special “filming day” on a weekend. All of our programs use a 3-visit approach to the year giving Coaches and athletes fresh video once every 4 months.

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Using an edge lane, your ASV film tech rolls along with each swimmer, recording HD video from both above and below water simultaneously. Swimmers are encouraged to swim at race pace in order to gain maximum learning benefit from fatigue-induced stroke errors.

We Deliver A Coaching System

All program choices include a free iPad Pro and a free 65″ wall-mounted TV with Apple TV. Our system is based exclusively on Apple iOS, using Apple AirPlay (wi-fi not required) for the wireless connection between iPhones, iPad, Apple TV, and the giant screen.

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Use of these devices enables daily in-water instruction with instant replay. Use our video (shot every 4 months) or your video (shot every day). With our system, there is no more time wasting, out-of-water one-to-one review sessions that take 20 minutes per kid and achieve little lasting benefit. Instead, you can teach in 20-second micro-sessions during their set breaks throughout each and every practice.

View Your Content Any Time

Argo Swim Video isn’t just good for some of your swimmers—it’s good for your entire team. Within a week of your first video session, swimmers and their families may view, share and download their video from our website without restriction. Access is login-protected and security monitored.

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Senior swimmers may take delivery of their video on their phones via text message, greatly improving their view-rate. When your swimmers and their teammates start sharing tips and swapping videos, there’s no limit to the ways they can help each other improve. They study themselves and their peers—replicating strengths and noting weaknesses. Give your swimmers a pat on the back for a job well done. This helps build your team’s character and cohesion. Your video remains active, secure, and accessible for the duration of your contact.

What Others Are Saying

“If you assume, as I do, that most kids learn visually, then most simply hear a fraction of what the coach is telling them about their stroke mechanics. This makes an important case for video-teaching. When the kid ‘sees’ what the coach is telling them on an iPad or giant TV screen, there’s this ‘a-ha’ moment that takes place. You can see the wheels turning, the gears grinding up in their heads as they put the video together with the tens of thousands of words the coach has spoken to them since the beginning. We see this moment happen after each and every video session Argo does for us. I would add that it’s always a special moment.”

— Jon Siegel, Head Coach, Madison YMCA Mariners

The Fastest Path To Success

Coaches click here to get you and your swimmers the most comprehensive underwater-video coaching tool available. Your journey to video teaching begins now!