Video Training Improves Engagement

The ASV system provides powerful visual feedback enhancing Coach-Swimmer communication, accelerating learning, and significantly improving swim-life balance.

Video Training Improves Engagement

Increase Athlete Training Outcomes In Less Time

Argo Swim Video transforms the way you train, the way you perform, and the way you win.

Why Swimmers Need Video

Your swimmers mirror the general population and are 80% visual learners. Our system improves the swim-life balance, increasing fun and engagement while highlighting the best path to lasting, organic performance gains.

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The optics to Parents goes something like this: ASV enables kids to see video of themselves while learning to swim, for a hundred bucks a year, with the added intrinsic benefit of a permanent video archive of their son or daughter. It’s a no-brainer. (We strongly encourage teams to build the fee into their dues rather than setting up “break out” payments.)

A Complete Teaching Method

Argo Swim Video doesn’t stop with fabulous over-under HD video and state-of-the-art hardware. We give you professionally-produced educational videos highlighting successful coaches around the country and their video-teaching styles and strategies.

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We take you to their pools and practices with in-depth interviews and step-by-step methods for integrating video teaching into your own noisy practices. When you begin to accept that kids learn visually and that you don’t always have to be talking to be teaching, you’re on your way to realizing the benefit of video-teaching for all of your swimmers. Furthermore, you’ll be building a truly unique team culture based around “out-of-the-box thinking, teaching, and performance”. These videos are free and easily accessible for you and your coaching staff to watch together or individually.

Results Worth Talking About

Head coaches aroung the country are talking about the Argo system. Comprehensive over-under video coupled with the big screen is redefining coaching techniques and priorities. Also read what major publications like the Wall Street Journal are saying about the impact visual teaching is having on the sport.

The Swimming Revolution Is Finally Being Televised
The Wall Street Journal


Unlike all the DIY (do it yourself) camera systems, we do all the work for one price per swimmer. This includes filming, included hardware with proper setup, easy-to-use playback software, and password-protected website storage with unrestricted playback, sharing, and download.

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Additionally, we Coach you and your staff on playback and teaching techniques that maximize the effectiveness of your video-teaching. The biggest flaw about all of the expensive DIY camera systems is the core idea that Coaches have the time or interest to do year-round, comprehensive filming of all athletes on the team. What’s really nice about our service is that we come in, film everyone three times per year, give you a huge iPad and giant ViewStation and teach you how to use it. In other words, we do all the work so you can do what you do best; teach swimming.

Argo Swim Video The Other Guys
HD camera system Yes Yes
On-Demand video access Yes Yes
Mobile Camera System for enhanced perspective Yes No
Professional videographers Yes No
Free iPad and gigantic HD AppleTV Viewstation Yes No
Integrates into your normal practice Yes No
Convenient Year-Round Scheduling Yes No
No-hassle video capture (we do the work — not you) Yes No

What Others Are Saying

“The efficiency and quality of the service combined with the portability of the videos on an i-device has enabled me to provide great technical feedback on deck and in parent/athlete meetings. At the end of the day, we fully endorse this service and we look forward to having them back this short course season.”
— Tim Mulvihill, Head Coach, SSYS YMCA

Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell
23:08 05 Oct 18
Amazing company, and a wonderful people to work with. The videos have created a fun and visual learning method. Highly recommended!!!
Deborah List
Deborah List
00:00 05 Oct 18
Thanks for your expertise Argo- our swimmers have improved from their videos!
Ross Exler
Ross Exler
23:15 09 Oct 18
Highly recommended service. My kid’s coaches wanted to use Argo Swim Video, and I’m so glad they did. The coaches and swimmers loved it - crystal clear video, great engagement from the swimmers, great service. I loved getting to watch my kids on video and having the video on my phone. The pricing was excellent too. I’m sure that it’ll result in faster times for the kids and that we’ll be using the service again soon. Thanks Argo!read more
Debra Burns
Debra Burns
21:51 09 Oct 18
This is my son’s first swim video and we both find it to be very insightful and helpful. We see things in his strokes that we didn’t realize he was doing (or not doing whatever the case may be). This video seems to be very useful in helping to refine and improve his strokes and overall technique. Very helpful and well shot. Thank you!read more
Craig Behrin
Craig Behrin
01:17 10 Oct 18
Argo swim video is the cat’s pajamas! The whole process really helps your li’l tadpole engage. Besides being lightning-fast, the video quality is top notch. They also offer great service and the price point can’t be beat! If your a swim parent, I cannot recommend this service enough! Bravo Argo!read more
Cara O'Conner
Cara O'Conner
23:14 09 Oct 18
Just loved the video of my son. It's incredible how clearly you can see his technique under water. I'm sure his coach will love this tool to fine tune his technique. Many thanks, Brad. You rock!Cararead more

For Coaches

Your swimmers learn nearly everything visually; art, math, language and the sciences. Give them the tool to become better swimmers and improve their swim-life balance.
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