The secret to breakthrough teaching moments, improved communication, and accelerated learning is helping swimmers see through their coach's eyes.

The secret to breakthrough teaching moments, improved communication, and accelerated learning is helping swimmers see through their coach’s eyes.

Hello, I’m Brad Hopkins

I’m a son, husband, father, swimmer, runner, professional photographer & videographer, autodidact engineer, and lifelong inventor. Over the last 15 years, I’ve met a lot of swim coaches—from summer league volunteers to Olympic-level gurus and mentors. Once we start talking about what they’re up to and the challenges they face, the conversation always ends up here:

“I’m working with my group to taper into champs and it’s such a challenge. The kids are all staring at their phones and I can’t really tell if they’re hearing me or not. I spend so much time talking and talking, repeating my instructions over and over, and having them swim the same sets and drills. They say they’re listening; I’m just not sure my words are being translated into muscle memory. I’m afraid that, at worst, I’m wasting time and, at best, we’re missing opportunities for sustained, organic growth.”

After hearing the same story over and over, the a-ha moment happened. I figured out how we can help our swimmers master new techniques and improve their mechanics, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Apple has paved the way for our teaching system with their iOS devices and network. Using the Apple TV to bridge between and iPad-iPhone and enormous TV is quite simple. Millions of people do this in their living rooms every day. And it works. So now we hang one or more giant screens on your pool wall and connect all your iOS devices to it. Simple and effective.

My goal is to put comprehensive over-under video of every swimmer in the hands of every coach in this country.


Visual feedback is really that important. Keep reading.

“A large body of research indicates that visual cues help us to better retrieve and remember information. The research outcomes on visual learning make complete sense when you consider that our brain is mainly an image processor (much of our sensory cortex is devoted to vision), not a word processor.” — Brad J. Bushman, Ph.D.

Learning in the pool is just like learning in other places. Your athletes need to be able to hear AND SEE, to master techniques quickly and efficiently. Using only verbal instruction means you’re giving your swimmers only a fraction of the information they could be using to improve.

Researchers and coaches agree: visual feedback is a game-changing tool for athletic training.

“​“For decades, the biggest enemy to progress in swimming was water. While other sports embraced video decades ago as a means for refining technique, that wasn’t an option in the pool due to technological limitations. Coaches and elite swimmers made adjustments based on guesswork and feel. Those days are officially over. Advanced video analysis is now ingrained in the training for top U.S. swimmers, helping the sport catch up to the analytics craze.”  — Laine Higgins, as seen in The Wallstreet Journal, July 18, 2017

“Using video clearly shows players exactly what they are doing wrong and makes it easier to make corrections. When a student sees himself on video while receiving an explanation of his mechanics, the whole picture of what he needs to do will become clearer.” — CoachUp

“The combination of visual and audio feedback…may be the most effective way to learn new skills and also to improve performance.” — Maria Giannousi

“One of the best tools – and one that’s quite sobering for swimmers – is video. Record swimmers using their current technique and then using the new technique. The visual feedback immediately corrects a swimmer’s perception. I often hear swimmers say, ‘I had no idea I was doing that!’” — Stuart McDougal

“You want the kids to understand why you’re asking them to do what you’re asking them to do—to get efficient at the techniques you’re asking them to do. Everything is filmed from an evaluation process and also as a learning tool.” — Jeff Casteel

Head coaches around the country trust the Argo Coaching system to provide above/below water visual feedback to reach breakthrough teaching moments…

Laura Matuszak, Head Coach, Green Mountain Aquatic

“Hi Brad! We are having so much fun with the videos you created for us. We have used them every day in practice and the kids are mesmerized, the coaches are thrilled and the parents are in awe. I can’t thank you enough for the high quality products you delivered to us and thanks for being a vital part of our team! Enjoy a beautiful fall and we look forward to seeing you back at the pool next year!”

Rob Green, Jr., Head Coach, D.C. Wave

“I can say that having this tool has helped our coaching staff identify stroke flaws underwater that we would not have been able to spot otherwise. We use the iPad with the CoachmyVideo app installed during goal setting meetings with our athletes to break down their strokes and show them exactly what’s making them fast and/or slowing them down. We also bring the iPad with us to meets, so our swimmers can watch their videos pre and post race. Our kids love watching themselves in the water!

“In addition to the iPad, they can access their videos, as well as their teammates’ videos online via the website server 24 hours a day, which allows them to learn from one another even when they’re not at the pool! The recording process was quick and easy.

“[Argo] was able to record over 100 of our swimmers in about 2 practice sessions, and all he needed was 1 lane during our workout. I would recommend this service to any competitive swim team, big or small, that’s serious about helping their swimmers improve their stroke mechanics.

“Thanks Brad. We will be scheduling you back soon!”

Ken Heis, Head Coach, Mason Rays

“Today’s kids are visual learners. They see what they’re doing on video and being kids do lots of intuitive self-correction. Couple this with review from their Coaches and this makes all the difference in the world.

“Brad filming wasn’t disruptive at all. He came in, did his thing. We kept all but one of our lanes moving throughout practice. Our expectations were high and were all met by the Argo process. Simple.

“Our club has purchased more than one “system” to do the filming ourselves. We have spent literally thousands of dollars and we use none of the equipment. We’ve gone through just about every underwater video system there is. Biggest flaw about all of them is that things just don’t get done. What’s really nice about this service is that they come in, film all the kids, give us a huge iPad with all the kids video on it and within a week we’re all finished, ready to teach and Coach the kids one-to-one with the iPad or one-to-many with the giant screen.

“We will be bringing them back again.”

Nicky DeCaro, Head Coach, Bergen ‘Cudas

“Having hand-held video on my iPad has revolutionized the way I coach. I coach ages 6-90 and all my swimmers benefit from being video taped and having an opportunity to review the videos on deck while at practice. It makes explaining things to them that much simpler. I will definitely be bringing the [Argo] crew back again each and every season. Simple!”

Scott Ward, Head Coach, McDonogh Eagles

“We used Argo in May and it was a great experience for our team members and Coaches. I highly recommend this for any other competitive program wishing to have quality video of their swimmers always within reach on an iPad.

“Brad was very flexible when taping our swimmers, allowing us to add last minute kids who forgot to sign up. The actual taping proved to be no interruption in our daily practice schedule. We simply pulled kids out of practice, had them taped and plugged back into practice in less than 4 minutes.

“The high quality video clips ere elivered to us in a fast and simple format that our team was able to utilize right away and we are still reviewing videos with our kids this fall. The software is very easy to use and makes reviewing the video worthwhile. The clarity of the videos along with the ability to see each swimmer on a split screen (above and below the water) slow motion and freeze frame gives us a great tool in improving our athletes’ technique.

“The entire process was easy and the finished product is outstanding.”

Greg Lake, Head Coach, CCA Marlins

“Argo was a great experience for our entire team. I highly recommend this for any other competitive program wishing for an extra edge in becoming the best they can be. Brad came into our pool and was more than generous with his time and flexibility taping our swimmers.

“The actual taping proved to be no interruption in our daily practice schedule at all. Brad’s crew provided professional, fast and simple service to our club that will be utilized for months to come. The clarity of the video along with the ability to see each swimmer above and below the water will give the Marlins an additional tool in our belt to become better swimmers.

The entire process and finished product is awesome. We will definitely be having them back soon. Thanks so much, Brad!”

Jon Siegel, Head Coach, Madison Mariners

“Brad Hopkins and his [Argo] crew recently filmed our entire team of approximately 140 swimmers. The work he did was cost-effective and minimally disruptive to our practice routine and was completed in three 3-hour sessions last week. The “product” he left us with on two iPads in LifeProof cases is truly remarkable.

“We are already using his “hand-held, slow-motion video” every day throughout practice. We even used it during last weekend’s meet. Here’s my opinion. Coaches think they see what’s going on under the surface. Even if they do, their words frequently get lost in the noise inside a swimmer’s head. If you assume as I do that most kids learn visually, then most simply don’t hear what the Coach is telling them about their stroke mechanics. Which makes an important case for hand-held, slow-motion video. When the kids “sees” what the Coach is telling them, there’s this “aha moment” that takes place. We can see it in just one week.

“The old school way of sitting down in an office, one kid at a time for a 10-15 minute review session simply wouldn’t work for our Coaching Staff and their existing workload. With the iPads in play for “micro-moment” coaching throughout practice we now have an effective way of getting slow-motion video in front of every swimmer, all the time.

“I would strongly recommend Argo and will be re-scheduling them into our Club in the Fall of 2016.”

Tim Mulvihill, Head Coach, SSYS YMCA

“We recently utilized the Argo underwater filming services for 170 of our athletes. The process was quick, the price affordable, the video quality excellent. Additionally, Brad and his film crew were incredibly professional.

“At the conclusion of the session the video was loaded onto our FREE iPad for use one-to-one and for wireless use with the giant 65″ LCD ViewStation which the Argo crew mounted on our pool wall. The efficiency and quality of the service combined with the portability of the videos on an iOS-device has enabled me to provide great technical feedback on deck and in parent/athlete meetings.

“At the end of the day, we fully endorse this service and we look forward to having them back this short course season.”

Cory Poe
Cory Poe
21:03 11 Dec 19
The Argo team is an absolute pleasure to work with. They're thorough in their service, film with enthusiasm, and respond quickly to customer concerns. I recommend them to any club looking to integrate over/underwater film into an existing practice more
Steven Haufler
Steven Haufler
20:40 26 Nov 19
I want to tell you how happy we are with Argo Swim Video. The video quality is excellent and I have reviewed every swimmer's original video with them, above and below water, with impressive results. Now, I am almost finished viewing all the videos with the Argo Swim coach analysis. I find the reviews positive, concise and relevant. The technical recommendations are right on the mark. The use of the lines, arrows and circle graphics are interesting and instructive. I also like the way the reviewers use the swimmers name...a nice personal touch.One of the woman reviewers has such a sweet and positive tone with my young swimmers that it is a pleasure to hear her comments, for the swimmers and coach alike.I am very interested in planning our next session with Argo Swim more
Olivia May
Olivia May
01:14 26 Nov 19
As a Swim Coach, Argo has provided a tool to better understand the strokes of my swimmers. I have learned to better articulate corrections and improvements as well as understand imbalances in strength and coordination. Whether it is a group of swimmers or working individually with the athlete, the quality and perspective of the videos are captivating. These videos have elevated the swimming experience for my swimmers as well as myself, while providing a timeline of improvement over the course of the more
Jeremy Kline
Jeremy Kline
22:11 25 Nov 19
It's been a pleasure to work with Argo Video for a year now. They utilize time well, with a great product and with great people working for them. If there is a mix up of any kind they are super responsive and accommodating. I would recommend utilizing what they bring to the table to any team or person out there that is looking for a tool that can help enhance their skill development in the water! Keep it up!read more
Josh McCall
Josh McCall
19:25 25 Nov 19
Argo has filmed our swimmers several times. It’s always a pleasure to see how much my kids love seeing both the raw video and the expert teaching videos. They definitely swim better as a result. Super service. Every swimmer needs this tool!read more
David Ferraris
David Ferraris
19:08 23 Jan 19
Brad is a pleasure to work with, while the underwater swim video he & his team produce is absolutely stunning. These kids (& coaches) are getting an unparalleled perspective of their own swim form that will benefit them for years to more
Suzanne Blanken
Suzanne Blanken
10:24 22 Oct 18
Brad from ARGO Swim Video does an amazing job filming my swimmers! We see progress every time they get filmed!! Price cannot be beat for the clear and amazing quality your getting and it’s a great company to work with!!! Thanks Brad, hope to see you back in 2019!!read more
Craig Behrin
Craig Behrin
01:17 10 Oct 18
Argo swim video is the cat’s pajamas! The whole process really helps your li’l tadpole engage. Besides being lightning-fast, the video quality is top notch. They also offer great service and the price point can’t be beat! If your a swim parent, I cannot recommend this service enough! Bravo Argo!read more
Ross Exler
Ross Exler
23:15 09 Oct 18
Highly recommended service. My kid’s coaches wanted to use Argo Swim Video, and I’m so glad they did. The coaches and swimmers loved it - crystal clear video, great engagement from the swimmers, great service. I loved getting to watch my kids on video and having the video on my phone. The pricing was excellent too. I’m sure that it’ll result in faster times for the kids and that we’ll be using the service again soon. Thanks Argo!read more
Cara O'Conner
Cara O'Conner
23:14 09 Oct 18
Just loved the video of my son. It's incredible how clearly you can see his technique under water. I'm sure his coach will love this tool to fine tune his technique. Many thanks, Brad. You rock!Cara
Debra Burns
Debra Burns
21:51 09 Oct 18
This is my son’s first swim video and we both find it to be very insightful and helpful. We see things in his strokes that we didn’t realize he was doing (or not doing whatever the case may be). This video seems to be very useful in helping to refine and improve his strokes and overall technique. Very helpful and well shot. Thank you!read more
Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell
23:08 05 Oct 18
Amazing company, and a wonderful people to work with. The videos have created a fun and visual learning method. Highly recommended!!!
Deborah List
Deborah List
00:00 05 Oct 18
Thanks for your expertise Argo- our swimmers have improved from their videos!

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Your swimmers learn nearly everything visually; art, math, language and the sciences. Give them the tool to become better swimmers and improve their swim-life balance.
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