Standard swim goggles tend to fit pretty good for most people, and with a little fussing with the adjustments, most people can get them to fit pretty well. However, there’s a company that thought they could make something better.

The Magic5 is a company founded by three swimmers who got fed up with fit problems with their swim goggles, so they began to make their own goggles with the following mission: “Your time in the pool should be spent focusing on technique instead of fussing over your gear. We’ve spent years crafting the world’s first custom fit goggles that are designed specifically to match the contours of your face.”

The way it works is after purchasing the goggles online, the company send a link to download their app. When the app is installed, the purchaser can use their phone’s front-facing camera to create a 3D map of their face. The scan is then sent to the company and the custom googles are made. The process takes about three weeks to complete, but the end result is said to be superior to any other swim goggle experience.
The cost of the custom goggles is about $55. You can learn more at

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