We recently saw this vision statement video from Curtiss Motorcycles and felt it was worthy of sharing. The words are inspiring and the filmmaking is outstanding. Take a look!

The Curtiss brand draws from the legacy of aviation and motorcycling pioneer Glenn Curtiss who, in 1907, set the world speed record of 136.6 MPH on a motorcycle of his design. The record held until 1911 when a Blitzen Benz automobile reached 141.7 MPH. The reformed Curtiss brand endeavors to make electric motorcycles that continues this legacy.

“I believe that we’re really the first company to see what is right in front of us all, and that is the golden-age, proportionate beauty that the new high technology affords, designed to have zero obsolescence. So, when someone walks up to it in 50 years, they will immediately know that is a well-made machine. And the closer they get, the more convinced they will become.” — Matt Chambers, CEO

Glenn Curtiss, 1907

Curtiss Zeus Motorcycle, 2019

For more information about Curtiss Motorcycles, visit curtissmotorcycles.com.

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