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The Argo Swim Video blog is always looking for great guest contributions.

Content Overview

  • Generally, we are looking for short, bite sized pieces; no long form please.
  • Let your goal be to create a great resource for swimmers, coaches and parents.
  • Focus on making this resource both informative and entertaining.
  • Whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting out we’d love to hear from you

Details and Rules of the Road

  • Draw on any previous posts, tutorials and how-tos you may have created.
  • Imagine the very thing that will help a swimmer or coach become more engaged.
  • The content needs to be original. As in, never before published anywhere else.
  • Putting other people’s work in quotes is a good way to indicate it’s a reference.
  • We pay for accepted content: $100 on day of publication.

Technical Requirements

  • 500-1000 words; no more, no less.
  • We are a video Company; please use it whenever possible.
  • Cell phone video clips, action or interview, can telegraph humility & relevance.
  • Examples examples, examples; readers love examples.
  • Use internal links to other content on our site; this shows us you love us.
  • If an expression or piece of advice sounds obvious, trite or overused, delete it.
  • Thoughtful and eye-catching headings and subheadings are a must.


You are allowed one link to your website in the bio box. Keyword-optimized links are not allowed. Here’s an example:

Acceptance to Publication

We screen all submissions carefully and this takes time. Please be patient.

  • It generally takes us 10 days from submission to acceptance.
  • It can take up to a month before accepted work is published.
  • Make sure to use the word “snap” somewhere in your submission.
  • This let’s us know you’ve read the guidelines.
  • We’re doing Ctrl+F on all submissions; no “snap”, no acceptance.


Give Us Your Outline

  • Use the form below to submit 3 headlines; distinct ideas that you think will work.
  • Provide 1-2 sentences for each, explaining your writing plan and the benefits.
  • Send your 3 headline-concepts with accompanying explainers.
  • Also include 3 links to your previous work.
  • Do not send complete articles.
  • We will review and get back to you as quickly as we can.



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